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We offer Extended Warranty Coverage through our trusted partners, ASC Warranty. We have a lasting relationship with ASC and we've sold this product to our friends and family. Quite simply; We trust them.

Questions we often hear (Answers too!)

Do you guys offer warranties on every vehicle you sell? - Absolutely! We have a program available for every vehicle no matter the year or mileage. Ask your salesperson for pricing!

Can I finance my warranty in with my car? - Of course! All finance institutions accept our warranty program and they even have a standalone payment plan available.

My bank sells warranties too, why not buy theirs? - Simple, Your bank doesn't have a service department. Your loan officer likely doesn't have experience dealing with warranty companies or repair facilities. We have years of experience and can provide you valuable customer support when you need it.

I saw a warranty on TV that was really cheap, is this the same thing? - No. You get what you pay for, or in their case, much less.

What if I'm out of town? - No worries! You're getting nationwide coverage here and roadside assistance!

This warranty sounds great can you sell me one on the car I already own? - Sure! Just bring it by for a short inspection.

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Ok, I bought the warranty, now what?

My __________ is broken, what do I do? - Relax. Call me; I'll walk you through it all.

I locked my keys in my car, what do I do!? - Relax. You have coverage for that.

I have to replace my battery, will it cover that? - Of course! You're covered!

If I drive down the road right now and something happens am I covered? - Yes! Coverage starts immediately.

Available plans and coverage

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